Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to work with animals. As a child I told everyone who would listen when I grew up I wanted to be an “animal psychologist”. This passion for all things furry, fluffy and feathered meant I was always surrounding myself with animals be it my own pets, the neighbour’s dogs that I would pet sit or the horses in the local riding school. At University I studied Agriculture and this brought me to New Zealand in my third year where I worked as a Manager on a dairy farm. I returned home to Ireland and after several years working in the service industry I went back to University to complete my degree. I decided to do my thesis on Canine Behavioural and Physiological Symptoms of Stress for which I received a first class honours. This ignited my old passion for the Science of Behaviour and I started to look at opportunities to study or work with animals. In 2009 Dog Trust, Europe’s largest animal welfare charity, decided to create a Rehoming Centre in Dublin. I was over the moon when I was offered a position as a full time Canine Carer. Within two years I had been promoted to Head Training and Behaviour Advisor for Dog Trust Ireland. I couldn’t believe it, I finally was working as an “animal psychologist”!

Over the past five and a half years I have worked with some amazing dogs and incredible people. My role was very diverse and required an ability to problem solve in order to help the dogs in the Centre and those placed in homes with loving families. In 2014 I finished a 2 year course with Bristol University gaining my qualification in Companion Animal Welfare and Behavioural Rehabilitation but without a doubt the majority of my learning came via the dogs that I worked with on a daily basis. I also had the incredible opportunity to be involved in an overseas workshop in Bulgaria last year teaching delegates from over the world about behaviour and doing hands on practical training with the dogs at Animal Rescue Sofia.

While working at the Rehoming Centre I would regularly hear about the struggles people had with their dogs displaying problem or unwanted behaviours. Sadly due to a lack of knowledge these owners often found themselves unable to help their dogs and felt the only available option was to relinquish them to a local pound or Rescue Centre.

My ambition in setting up Ali Ramsey Dog Trainer is to work with families to help them understand their dogs and enable them to work together to achieve the dream of having that family pet in the heart of their home.


Bsc (Hons) in Agriculture
Canine First Responder
• Certificate in Companion Animal Welfare and Behavioural Rehabilitation
• Roger Abrantes – The Brave New World of Dog Training – Science with a Brain and a Heart.
• Sarah Fisher – Introduction to Tellington Touch
• Lynn Barber, Steve Goward & Alasdair Bunyan – Calming the Conflict

• Susan Friedman – Living and Learning with Animals
• Sarah Whitehead – You Can Learn to Talk Dogs
Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors Annual Conference
Birds and Small Mammal Training Seminar @ Dublin Zoo
• 2nd International Animal Training Conference @ Twycross Zoo
• Clicker Expo Conference
• Ray Coppinger – What Makes Your Dog Tick