I love to read and have amassed quite the library of books over the past few years. I have compiled a list of books below that I think are great reads for those who share my passion for the written word, especially if it is about animals! When I recommend a book to a friend, colleague or owner I always ask them to read with an open mind but equally not to be afraid to disagree with the author.

I personally don’t agree with everything that is written in every book or posted in every video or written in every research paper written by the people listed below, but that is ok, we are entitled to all have our own opinions, as like our dogs we are all unique individuals! The more information we equip ourselves with, the more informed we become and we all know…. knowledge is power.

Dog Training Books

  • No Walks, No Worries by Sian Ryan & Helen Zulch
  • Brain Games for Dogs by Claire Arrowsmith
  • The Complete Idiots Guide to Positive Dog Training by Pamela Dennison
  • The Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey
  • Unlock Your Dogs Potential by Sarah Fisher
  • The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

Dog Behaviour Books

  • Barking – the sound of a language by Turid Rugaas
  • Chase – managing your dog’s predatory instincts by Clarissa von Reinhardt
  • Stress in Dogs by Martina Sholtz and Clarissa Von Reinhardt
  • Hear Hear by Barry Eaton
  • Dominance in Dogs – fact of fiction by Barry Eaton
  • The Emotional Lives of Animals by Marc Beckoff (not dog specific but a brilliant read!)


  • Dog Behaviour, Evolution and Cognition by Adam Miklosi
  • The Domestic Dog by James Serpell
  • Inside Of a Dog – what dogs see, smell and know by Alaxander Horowitz
  • How Dogs Learn by Birch and Bailey
  • Low Stress Handling by Sophia Yin (looks at both dogs and cats)
  • Separation Distress And Dogs by James O Heare

Authors, researchers & trainers

  • Marc Beckoff
  • Sarah Fisher
  • Karen Pyror
  • Jean Donaldson
  • James O Heare
  • Sophia Yin
  • Ken Rameriz
  • Kathy Sado
  • Steve Martin
  • Susan Friedman
  • Adam Miklosi
  • Chirag Patel

YouTube Channels


  • Kikopup
  • Zurison
  • Donna Hill
  • Domesticated Manners
  • Pams Dog Academy
  • Training Positive
  • Eileen and dogs
  • Zac George Dog Trainer