Recommended Training Aids

These are products that I have used with my own dog or dogs I have worked with in the past. When choosing a piece of training kit we need to ensure it is appropriate for both the animal we are working with and us as their trainer.


  • Halti harness
  • Xtra dog harness
  • Ttouch harness
  • SENS-ible and SENS-ation harness
  • Mekuti

Note: Unless a dog has issues with handling that mean putting on a harness would be too much I always recommend using one. Collars are useful for carrying an ID tag but in relation to walks having one point of contact on such a sensitive part of a dogs body can be physically (& often behaviourally) detrimental if they pull at any point in time. Harnesses, if used correctly, are much more comfortable for the animal and can really help to create a two way conversation between dog and handler when out on a walk.


Baskerville – standard and ultra

Greyhound or whippet muzzles

Note: fabric muzzles should only be used within a veterinary surgery environment and are not suitable to be worn for any longer than a few minutes at a time.


  • Halti training lead
  • Clix long line (should only ever be used in conjunction with a harness)
  • Clix house line (should be super light and only ever used in conjunction with a harness)


  • Box clicker
  • Tear drop clicker

Treat pouches

  • Mikki
  • Terry Ryan
  • Coachies
  • Rapid Rewards